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Our Practitioners

Finding a good fit with a healthcare practitioner isn’t always easy. We all want the right mix of experience, expertise, professionalism and good bedside manner. Though harder to define, we often think about what it means to be philosophically aligned with our patients and how important that can be to the formation of a trusting and effective therapeutic relationship. Not every match will be a hit, but our practitioners all make a point of meeting our patients where they are at - only then is it possible to work together on the road to a better place.

Dr. Shawn Naylor

Osteopathic Family Physician

Dr. Lyndsay Naylor

Osteopathic Family Physician

Dr. Josh Krembs

Osteopathic Medicine Specialist

Alison Caffrey

Physician Assistant - Certified

Sarah Tyler

Family Nurse Practitioner

Shauntae Murphy

Physician Assistant - Certified

Amie Kennedy

Physician Assistant - Certified

Jaime Thwaytes

Family Nurse Practitioner

Ara Haupt

Physician Assistant Certified

Holly DeLong

Registered Dietitian

Virtual Care Coordinator