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Integrative Pediatrics

Integrative Pediatrics

Integrative Pediatric care is similar to the integrative primary care for adults at the Sound Clinic.  We are founded in traditional medicine, but are also willing to dive deeper into understanding causes of underlying medical concerns.  Integrative health plans include conventional recommendations along with nutrition coaching, specialty lab testing and herbal support.  Additionally, depending on the patient, the whole family may be included in health plans.  And finally, regardless of the age of the pediatric patient, the body, mind and spirit connection is recognized and honored as an individualized plan of care is developed.

PATIENT FIT: Our Integrative Pediatric Primary Care branch of the Sound Clinic is our newest department.  We are really excited to build and grow over time with you!  We are looking forward to partnering with patients and families that are rooted in traditional medicine, but are open to other integrative methods.  At this time, we are only able to offer visits on Wednesdays and Fridays.  We understand that questions and concerns come up outside of these patient care days.  In turn, we work as a team to field questions and concerns outside of these days.  However, we will be partnering with local Urgent Care and ERs for urgent and emergent pediatric needs.  The Sound Clinic team is still available for questions, scheduling requests and refills outside of Wednesdays and Fridays.  As the pediatric patients grow, we hope to expand into other patient care days to meet the demand!

TEAM BASED CARE: Ara Haupt, PA-C provides most of the integrative primary care services to our pediatric patients.  This includes general wellness exams along with evaluation and management of other primary care needs from eczema, anxiety, gut symptoms and asthma to infant latching concerns and health during the first year of life for the whole family.  Additionally, Dr. Lyndsay Naylor partners with Ara for additional integrative management and Dr. Josh Krembs works with the pediatric patients that need additional osteopathic musculoskeletal assessments.  Dr. Shawn Naylor and Amie Kennedy, PA-C assist when there are more complex cases that may require a deeper dive into other areas of chronic inflammation, infections and biotoxin management. And finally, Lana Wienbarg, certified wellness practitioner, partners with those patients that are interested in understanding how their mental health plays a significant role in their whole body health.

INTEGRATIVE HEALTH PLANS: The Integrative Pediatric team is dedicated to shared decision making between the practitioner and the patient and the family.  We work with patients and families to understand their health philosophies and preferences when creating individualized health plans.  We start with the traditional standard of care recommendations and expand into other holistic approaches when appropriate and desired.

VACCINES: The Sound Clinic offers the opportunity to discuss and plan a vaccine schedule that best fits the needs of each child and family. As many of our families gravitate towards alternative vaccine schedules, we do not currently carry all pediatric vaccines in our office. Please call our office to obtain more information on the specifics of those available or work with Ara Haupt, PA-C during an appointment to determine how to get access to the vaccines that are due for your child.  If we do not have a specific vaccine for which your child is due, we will partner with local pharmacies and vaccine clinics to ensure that your child stays up to date.

EXPECTING PARENTS/NEWBORNS: We know that finding the right practitioner is an important part of preparing for your newborn. If you are interested in having a 1 on 1 session with Ara to ask questions as an expecting parent, you are welcome to schedule an appointment.  Unfortunately, this is NOT free.  This is either billed through insurance as a new patient office visit or is billed at the regular cash prices for an office listed on under our FEES page.

SOUND CLINIC INTEGRATIVE PEDIATRIC TEAM: The practitioners included on the Integrative Pediatric team include: Ara Haupt, PA-C, Dr. Josh Krembs, Dr. Lyndsay Naylor, Dr. Shawn Naylor and Amie Kennedy, PA-C.

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