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Please call the office to schedule a Telemedicine appointment. We have expanded our availability and # of practitioners offering Telemedicine. #303.698.0333.

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- Sound Clinic Team

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What are Telemedicine appointments?

Telemedicine appointments are scheduled appointments with a Sound Clinic practitioner that utilize a device with a camera (smart phone, tablet or computer) and good wifi access. It is billed to the patient’s insurance company or is charged at $6/min for cash patients. Copays and deductibles still apply.


Why patients like Telemedicine appointments?

We understand that patients have busy schedules and cannot always schedule an in-office appointment to review labs or ask additional questions. They are often found to be faster, more affordable and more convenient than a trip to the clinic, urgent care or ER. There are also times that new things come up that require a quick conversation with a practitioner prior to an upcoming appointment. Sound Clinic practitioners have expanded access by opening up additional Telemedicine appointments to their days.


What types of appointments are appropriate for Telemedicine?

Medical Conditions: Follow up on previously diagnosed conditions are a great reason to utilize Telemedicine. Sound Clinic practitioners can also diagnose and treat many non-emergent conditions that are new. They can provide follow up orders for necessary labs, imaging and consults. However, practitioners cannot do a complete physical exam. This is especially important for cardiac, lung and abdominal exams. Follow up appointments may need to be recommended if final diagnosis is too difficult to determine by Telemedicine.

Prescription Refills: We understand that refill requests can be an urgent need. The Sound Clinic team needs to review the medication, ensure that is it being taken properly and treating the patient to their maximum benefit. Telemedicine appointments are a very useful way to review these things.

Lab and Referral Requests: Lab and referral needs frequently come up in between appointments. Telemedicine is a fast and efficient way to review with the practitioner symptoms and medications/supplements to ensure an accurate and thorough order.