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Specialty Lab Tests

Specialty labs are considered an expanded testing option. They are frequently ordered when traditional testing, such as blood tests through Labcorp, are "normal," but the patient continues to have persistent symptoms and ailments. The specialty tests allow the practitioner and patient to dive deeper into understanding the root cause of a problem and/or provide additional management options.

Below are specialty lab topics and specific tests that the Sound Clinic practitioners most frequently order. If you know what specialty lab test you are interested in, please click on the link below to purchase a lab kit from our shop. The test kit and instructions will be mailed directly to your home. If you are uncertain which test is right for you, please schedule an appointment to review with your practitioner. If there is a company that you do not see but are interested in, consult a practitioner to inquire about other specialty lab companies that they utilize as all tests are not listed.

Infections/Biotoxin Testing

Gut and Microbiome Testing

Hormone and Adrenal Testing

Nutritional and Methylation Testing 

Food Sensitivity Testing