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Food Sensitivity Testing

There are different types of food reactions. There are those that are immediate-hypersensitivity reactions to a substance and trigger the IgE immune response. These are usually thought of as food allergies. Then, there are the IgG food antibodies which can result in a delayed symptom response to food. These are usually thought of as food sensitivities. Other types of adverse food reactions that are not mediated by the immune system are referred to as food intolerances.

Food Sensitivity Testing

Food sensitivities can often be intertwined with “leaky gut syndrome.” When the tight junctions forming the barrier in the gut don’t work properly, larger substances can “leak” through, causing an immune response. This immune response may result in the production of IgG antibodies to foods. There are multiple dietary and lifestyle factors that contribute to increased intestinal permeability. These factors include alcohol, stress, chronic NSAID use, Western-type diet (high consumption of red meat, animal fat, high sugar, and low fiber food), and prolonged and strenuous exercise.

Conditions associated with food sensitivities and leaky gut syndrome can include: Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Mood disorders, migraine headaches, skin rashes, joint pain, autoimmune disorders and obesity. 

  1. Genova Diagnostics Comprehensive Allergy Profile: This test is the most comprehensive.  It includes IgE and IgG responses to foods, molds, environmental inhalants and a celiac profile. The test is a blood draw performed at the Sound Clinic – Denver office.  Cost: $519

*Please Note: In order for the test to be accurate, exposure to foods of concern need to be present in the diet.