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Integrative Primary Care

All of the Sound Clinic practitioners are trained in traditional medicine. The primary care team offers various services usually associated with traditional medicine including annual physical exams and management of blood pressure, diabetes, weight, hypothyroidism and cholesterol. They also perform several procedures including IUD placement, skin biopsies, and joint injections. Yet, we stand apart from other practices with our knowledge in functional and integrative medicine. We augment traditional recommendations by also including herbal options, acupuncture, osteopathic therapy, nutrition and exercise recommendations when appropriate.

Integrative Primary Care

PATIENT FIT: The integrative primary care team enjoys working with patients that have an interest in optimizing their health. We understand that patients come from different backgrounds, experience with integrative care and have different health concerns. Our hope is that patients arrive at their Sound Clinic appointments with an eagerness to learn more about their health, readiness to dive deeper into the causes of their symptoms and openness to change.

TEAM BASED CARE: Due to high patient demand and various areas of interest, the practitioners work as a team to meet patient needs. If one practitioner is not available, then schedulers work to get a patient in with one of the other associates. We have found that this approach is comprehensive and efficient. It allows for practitioners with more experience in certain areas to provide input and guidance during medical consults while opening up time with other practitioners to complete annual physical exams or to get patients in for new or urgent needs.

INTEGRATIVE HEALTH PLANS: The primary care team is dedicated to shared decision making between the practitioner and the patient. We work with patients to understand their health philosophies and preferences when creating individualized health plans. We start with the traditional standard of care recommendations and expand into other holistic approaches when appropriate and desired.

Sound Clinic Integrative Primary Care Team: The practitioners on the primary care team include Dr. Lyndsay Naylor, Alison Caffrey, PA-C, Sarah Tyler, FNP, Jaime Thwaytes, FNP and Shauntae Murphy, PA-C.