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Ara’s Frequently Asked Questions

When do well visits happen?

● 2 Months 
● 4 Months 
● 6 Months 
● 9 Months 
● 12 Months 
● 15 Months 
● 18 Months 
● 24 Months (2 years old) 
● 30 Months (2.5 years old) 
● 36 Months (3 years old) 
● Annually thereafter

How do we approach acute care?

On Wednesdays and Fridays I am in the office and happy to see your child for a same day appointment in person or via telemedicine. 

On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday there are providers at the office to answer urgent questions and help direct you to Urgent Care or the ER if needed. 

If you have been seen by Urgent Care or the ER and would like to discuss the visit or consider more integrated options in addition to your traditional treatment plan, please reach out and we will try to accommodate a short telemedicine appointment on a Wednesday or Friday for this.

What do I do if I need help after hours?

This is a great resource for traditional management of common childhood illnesses and concerns. Also can help you to make the decision of whether your child needs to be seen immediately or it can wait until the following morning. 

Children’s Hospital ParentSmart Hotline: 720-777-0123 

A great resource after hours if you need to know whether or not to bring your child in to be seen the night before we open the following morning. 

If you have a question specifically about a concern that has been addressed at an office or telemedicine visit that only I can answer after hours, I do take after hours call. With this being said, I have my own littles at home and do love sleep, please use this with the utmost respect and thought after hours.

Where are the closest urgent/emergency care locations?

Denver Health Pediatric Urgent Care: 
777 Bannock St Pavilion A, Denver, CO 80204 

Children’s Hospital Colorado: 
North Campus: 469 State Highway 7, Broomfield, CO 80023
South Campus: 1811 Plaza Dr, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129 
Wheatridge: closed currently 
Uptown: closed currently 

9555 S University Blvd Ste 102 Highlands Ranch, CO 80126 

Emergency Room Locations: 
Denver Health Pediatric Emergency Room: 
777 Bannock St Pavilion A, Denver, CO 80204 

Children’s Hospital Colorado: 
North Campus: 469 State Highway 7, Broomfield, CO 80023 
South Campus: 1811 Plaza Dr, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129 
Main Campus: 13123 East 16th Ave, Aurora, CO 80045 
Colorado Springs: 4090 Briargate Parkway, Colorado Springs, CO 80920 

Rocky Mountain Hospital for Kids: 
2001 High St, Denver, CO 80205

What are proper medication doses for my child?

Ibuprofen » 

Acetaminophen »

Benadryl »

Claritin »

Where can I find necessary forms for my child?

High school Sports Physical Form »
Please fill out page 2 fully before coming in to your visit or sending it in. 

General Child Health Appraisal Form »

Colorado Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan »

Immunization Record Form »

Immunization Non-medical Exception: 
Follow this link to watch the “Online Immunization Education Video” and then print out and sign the certificate that you receive following the video to submit. My signature is not required if you do it this way.

Immunization Medical Exceptions: 
These are extremely rare. The law currently stands that a medical exemption can be written for a specific vaccine if your child has had an anaphylactic reaction to that vaccine. If there has been a more mild reaction, a waiver cannot be written. If you child had an anaphylactic reaction to one specific vaccine, unfortunately, a medical exception cannot be written for all of the required childhood diseases. If you wish to not vaccinate, the above form is most appropriate.

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