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Ara Haupt, PA-C

Ara Haupt

Ara Haupt

Physician Assistant Certified
Background & Credentials

Ara was born in small-town Minnesota and later lived abroad with her family in Tanzania where she graduated from high school. Growing up in Africa during the height of the HIV pandemic led her to pursue a career in medicine. She completed her undergraduate degree in international studies and premedical sciences at Pepperdine University and went on to earn a master’s degree in Physician Assistant studies at the University of Colorado in 2011. After completing PA school, she practiced at an integrated pediatric practice in Denver for 7 years and later practiced more extensive pediatric integrated medicine at Mindful Pediatrics in Boulder for the 3 years prior to joining The Sound Clinic.

Integrative Experience and Medical Education
Partners in Pediatrics Integrated Pediatric Medicine Orientation: Fall 2011
Physician Assistant Student Preceptor University of Colorado CHAPA Program: 2011 - 2018
The Reach Institute Pediatric Primary Care Mental Health Training: Winter 2013
Classical Pilates Instructor Training, The Pilates Center: 2017-2018
Integrated Pediatric Medicine Mentorship at Mindful Pediatrics with Dr Roy Steinbock: 2018 - 2021
Integrated Mental Health for the Pediatric Provider: Winter 2020
Basics in Herbal Medicine Training Course, The University of Minnesota: Fall 2021
Healthy Children’s Project Center for Breastfeeding Lactation Training Program: Fall 2021 - present

Areas Of Expertise

Ara’s pediatric interests have always incorporated practicing Western medicine with a balanced integrated approach, looking at the entire body for the prevention or root cause of an issue. Ara loves to provide preventative care for children through regular wellness visits. Adolescent and integrated teen mental health have been particular areas of interest. Through training at Mindful Pediatrics, she has enjoyed partnering with children and their families dealing with chronic issues and supporting their healing journey. After starting to have babies of her own 3 years ago, she developed a strong interest in mom and baby care. This has expanded her training as a classical Pilates instructor into prenatal movement and postnatal rehabilitation as well as the pursuit of a lactation consultant certification.

Location of Practice:
  • Telemedicine

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