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Dr. Lyndsay Naylor

Dr. Lyndsay Naylor

Dr. Lyndsay Naylor

Osteopathic Family Physician
Background & Credentials

Lyndsay Naylor, DO was born Lyndsay Hoemberg in central Minnesota. As an undergraduate at The College of St Benedict’s/St John’s University, she studied both theology and biology. While studying abroad in South Africa, she volunteered at an HIV/AIDS clinic. This sparked her interest in social justice and prompted her to serve with the Passionist Volunteers in Jamaica for two years following her undergraduate work. It was here that healthcare experiences illuminated her path to a career in medicine. Attracted to the holistic mentality of osteopathy and its renowned manual therapy training program, she attended Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine. Following medical school, she was accepted into the Poudre Valley Family Medicine program where she finished her internship. Dr. Lyndsay went on to complete her family medicine training in Denver at the Rose Family Medicine Program and is now a practicing Board Certified Family Medicine physician. In 2013, she was nominated for the Larry Green Family Medicine Award for her dedication to patient safety, leadership, enthusiasm for holistic care, and commitment to family medicine. She continues to pursue traditional medical education in accordance with the American Osteopathic Association family medicine board certification requirements.

Dr. Lyndsay is also involved in leadership. She is medical director of the Sound Clinic. Dr. Lyndsay guides the team of staff and practitioners through ongoing development and growth.

Integrative Continuing Medical Education:
Boulder Osteopathic Center Mentorship (Keith Swan, DO and Sharon Stanley, DO) - 2008-2015.
Helms Medical Institute Acupuncture Certification 2013
ILADS 2013
Sound Clinic Mentorship (Shawn Naylor, DO): 2012-2013
Apex Energetics - Functional Medicine Mastering Blood Chemistry - 2013
Colorado Society of Osteopathic Medicine (Active Member) - 2015, 2019
American Academy of Environmental Medicine - 2016, 2018
American Academy of Anti-Aging (Active Member) - BHRT Certification - 2014
Denver Summit (Xymogen) Functional Medicine - 2015, 2016
Esthetic Skin Institute Botox Certification - 2016
American Academy of Osteopathy - 2017
American Academy of Anti-Aging Pellet Certification - 2018
LivLyme Foundation - 2019
Institute for Zen Leadership - 2019

Areas Of Expertise

As an osteopathic physician, Dr. Lyndsay uses the core osteopathic principles to guide her in creating individual patient care plans. She believes that each patient is an integrated unit comprised of the mind, body, and spirit. She recognizes the body’s tremendous potential to heal itself when its structure and function are in harmony. Her goal is to be a guide for each patient on their health journey. Together, through shared decision making, Dr. Lyndsay works with her patients to choose the path to health that is right for them – acknowledging life’s many co-factors.

In addition to conventional health maintenance and preventative medicine, her clinical interests include osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT), craniosacral therapy, thyroid care, adrenal and neurotransmitter health, hormone replacement therapy and medical acupuncture.

Practice Location- Denver: Integrative Primary Care and Osteopathic Manipulation/Musculoskeletal Health.
Louisville: Osteopathic Manipulation/Musculoskeletal Health

Location of Practice:
  • Telemedicine