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Amie Kennedy, PA

Amie Kennedy

Amie Kennedy

Physician Assistant - Certified
Background & Credentials

Amie Kennedy, PA-C (Physician Assistant-Certified), graduated with a Bachelor in Environmental Population Organismic Biology from the University of Colorado Boulder in 1998. During college, she worked as an Emergency Medical Technician and volunteered for the American Red Cross.

After college, Amie worked in Pathology; starting in Cytology and working hard to gain the skills and experience to become a lead Histotechnologist, with a specialty in cancer research. During this time she studied for her Masters of Integrated Sciences from the University of Colorado in Denver, which was awarded in 2008. Seeking to continue her career in medicine Amie completed her Physician Assistant Program in 2012, through the Red Rocks Community College, whilst volunteering as a 9-Health Coordinator.

Amie began practicing medicine with a focus on family medicine and urgent care. During this time she felt compelled to learn more about an integrated approach to healthcare, which would better meet the needs of her patients. In 2014, Amie joined Dr. Shawn and Dr. Lyndsay Naylor at the Sound Clinic where she became immersed in treating chronic illness, caused by pathogens and biotoxins. During this time she gained continuing medical education in areas including family medicine, Autonomic Response Testing, Neuraltherapy, Methylation and Genetics and Natural Therapies.

In 2017, Amie and her family moved to Australia where she has been advocating for Physician Assistants in Australia, helping chronic pathogen patients and working toward her Masters in Chinese Herbal

Professional memberships
HTL-ASCP- American Society of Clinical Pathology
Red Cross Disaster Captain- American Red Cross
PA-C NCCPA- National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants
APPA- American Academy of Physician Assistants
ASPA-Australian Society Physician Assistants

Areas Of Expertise

Amie started medicine with a firm belief in conventional medical approaches to health care. As she began practicing, Amie discovered that conventional medicine didn’t always have an answer or couldn’t always help a patient manage the often complex realities of their healthcare needs. Once Amie decided to “open her toolbox” she learned that there were many more tools and diagnostic approaches that can be utilized to provide the best care for her patients. Amie has continued to seek knowledge, expanding into genetics and learning how methylation and detox pathways can dictate a patient’s healing path. Amie’s main areas of interest include treating health conditions caused by chronic pathogens and biotoxins and she has utilized ART (Autonomic Response Testing) and Neuraltherapy as treatments. Amie has recently found that Chinese Medicine can also play a role in healing chronic illness as well as providing a whole body approach to immune health. Amie is passionate about life-long health education and is always striving to expand her knowledge so she can work with her patients to empower them on a journey to better health.

Location of Practice:
  • Telemedicine