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Sarah Tyler

Sarah Tyler

Sarah Tyler

Family Nurse Practitioner
Background & Credentials

Originally from small town Mississippi, Sarah Tyler received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from University of Alabama in Birmingham. She worked six years in the University Hospital’s Heart and Lung Transplant ICU in Birmingham before deciding to go back to school to become a Nurse Practitioner. Sarah then attended Vanderbilt University where she obtained a Masters of Science in Nursing with an emphasis in Family Practice in 2012. She is an American Academy of Nurse Practitioners certified Family Nurse Practitioner.

Nursing was initially satisfying to Sarah because of its foundation in holistic healing theories that recognize the importance of considering the whole individual. The theories convey the interconnectedness of the individual’s physical, psychological, environmental, spiritual contributions to one’s overall health. During completion of her graduate study clinical rotations, Sarah felt inspired when she observed this holistic approach to health utilized within integrative medicine practices in both Tennessee and Colorado. It was during these experiences that she understood that the integrative practice model aligned with her core nursing philosophy and health perspective.

At Vanderbilt, Sarah’s professional development project and quality improvement project focused on lifestyle modification and behavior change. She also researched patient empowerment through patient-provider partnerships, autonomous decision-making, education, access to care, and motivational interviewing. Appreciating the beautiful landscape and active lifestyle, Sarah fell in love with Colorado while visiting family in 2006 and made her mind up to one day make Colorado her home. After graduation but prior to joining the Sound Clinic, Sarah lived in Telluride, Colorado while working in a rural primary care clinic in nearby Ridgway. She looks forward to expanding her practice within a setting that balances conventional and alternative methods to optimize health and well-being.

Areas Of Expertise

Sarah utilizes a holistic healing approach that focuses on preventing disease, treating the root-cause of illness, as well as promoting the overall health and wellness of an individual. Sarah has trained with Dr. Lyndsay Naylor and is well-versed in treating primary care concerns, optimizing hormones and thyroid, and understanding the importance of the gut, nutrition, and detox in overall health.

Practice Location: Denver Only

Location of Practice: