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Neural Therapy

This therapy involves a local anesthetic being injected into certain locations of the body in an attempt to treat chronic pain and illness. These areas frequently involve areas of previous trauma and scars.

Neural Therapy

$120 per region + office visit. (Denver with Dr. Naylor)

Neural Therapy is a treatment system for chronic pain and illness. It involves the injection of local anesthetics into autonomic ganglia, peripheral nerves, scars, glands, trigger points, and other tissues. It is believed to act through normalizing the illness-related dysfunction of the nervous system. Even though certain Neural Therapy procedures are widely used in the U.S. (regional anesthesia, epidural injections, trigger-point injections), Neural Therapy as a comprehensive healing system is virtually unknown to most practitioners. In Europe’s German speaking countries it has become one of the most widely used modalities in the treatment of chronic pain and intractable illness. Four theories will be discussed which can explain the dramatic effects that the neural therapy injection can have on the patient’s illness or pain.

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