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Myers’ Cocktail / Myers’ Plus

This IV nutritional drip can be customized but typically includes magnesium, zinc, other trace minerals, B vitamins, vitamin C, and bicarbonate. It is useful fo [...]

Glutathione Push

Glutathione is thought of as the body’s master antioxidant molecule. Used-up (‘reduced’) glutathione is a marker for cellular toxicity. We find this most useful [...]

IV Vitamin C / Immune Boost

This is an IV therapy used to boost general health, immune function, detox, and nutritional deficiencies. $135 (Louisville and Denver) [...]

Headache/Migraine Cocktail

Migraine/Headache Cocktail [...]

Recovery IV

Most comprehensive Sound Clinic IV. Hydration + Vitamins + Amino Acids. [...]

Energy Booster/Stress Reducer

Boost Energy. Reduce Stress. Get Hydrated. [...]

MIC + B12

MIC + B12 can help with weight loss, detoxification and energy. [...]

B12 Injections (Hydroxocobalamin)

(Hydroxocobalamin): B12 is important for energy, nerves and the brain. Also, B12 can assist with detox. [...]

Ozone High-Dose Therapy (OHT)

This is a variation on MAH in which newer technology makes it possible to deliver about 30 times as much ozone in about the same amount of t [...]

Prolozone Injections

Prolotherapy (Prolozone Therapy) has been used for decades, mostly as a treatment for musculoskeletal pain arising from ligamentous laxity. [...]

Major Autohemotherapy (MAH)

This therapy requires that about 60cc of blood be removed from the body. It is mixed with saline and then ozone gas is bubbled into the mixture. [...]

UV Blood Irradiation (UVBI)

As with MAH, 60cc of blood is removed but then it is run past an ultraviolet light for antimicrobial benefit just before it is dripped back into the body. For [...]

Osteopathic Manual Therapy / Cranial Osteopathy / Biodynamics

OMT is a form of manual therapy that integrates the mind, body, and spirit but is mostly used in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain. It comes in many differe [...]

Trigger Point Injections

For our trigger point injections, Procaine is used as an injectable in the treatment of areas of point tenderness. [...]

Neural Therapy

This therapy involves a local anesthetic being injected into certain locations of the body in an attempt to treat chronic pain and illness. [...]


Acupuncture is a therapy that is used for a variety of ailments, including fatigue, pain, insomnia, sympathetic excess, immune support, smoking cessation, anxie [...]