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Your thyroid, one of the largest endocrine glands, greatly influences almost every cell in your body. Aside from regulating your metabolism and weight by controlling the fat-burning process, thyroid hormones are also required for growth and development in children and in nearly every physiological process in your body.  When thyroid levels are out of balance it can affect other systems and the symptoms can be highly variable.

Sound Clinic practitioners screen for thyroid abnormalities through an expanded thyroid panel as treatable dysfunction can exist in the setting of a normal TSH. After review of the labs, the patient's symptoms and any other pertinent history, the practitioner puts together a treatment plan which may include medications, herbs or nutrients. Prescription thyroid replacement may come in the form of compounded (individually dosed), dessicated (made from animal thyroid gland) and synthetic (conventional) preparations. We follow symptoms and labs regularly and make adjustments as needed. Hyperthyroid cases are typically managed in conjunction with an endocrinologist.