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The Sound Clinic has a lot of new and exciting announcements!


TeleHealth Visit Option Now Available – We know that it is not always easy or possible to make it into the office for an appointment.  Please read more on the insurance and fees page to know if this is a good option for you.

New Practitioner


New Louisville/Denver Functional Medicine Practitioner - Sonia Mookherjea, Physician Assistant - Certified

Expanded IV Therapies

The Sound Clinic has expanded IV Therapies.  We are now offering several same day therapies at the Denver location and have set up an IV Therapy room at the Louisville location.  Refer to Therapies for more information.




Featured Supplement in Our Monthly Newsletter

The Sound Clinic has a featured supplement each month.  We attempt to connect our patients with what’s happening in the news or in the season.  Our supplement of the month for October is DIMension3.  This supplement helps support hormone balance by promoting healthy metabolism of estrogens and xenoestrogens.  Receive 10% OFF all month on this supplement.

Refer to our October Newsletter for more information.